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The best new way to fill sandbags without the need for two people!


  • No more wrestling with bags that won't stay open or upright,
  • No more shovel hand injuries from trying to hold bags while filling,
  • No more wasted man-hours!


Purchase the EZ Fill Sandbag Filler for only $14.95.

Buy a few for your business, family, or friends. Only $2 extra shipping for each additional EZ Fill you buy!

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What does it do?


The EZ Fill Sandbag Filler is a metal frame that slides into a sand or gravel bag. It holds the bag in an open, standing position, ready to fill. This novel design eliminates the need for a second person holding the bag.

Quickly and easily fill dozens of sand or gravel bags with only one person required! Works on standard bags 14" x 26" and larger.

Great for filling sandbags in a flood or other emergency, when time and resources are limited. Also ideal for keeping around your home or business to be prepared in case you need to protect your property from damage.

Watch short demonstrations of it in action:


"I can bag twice the number of sandbags using your tool because I waste less time trying to keep the bag mouth open."

"I no longer need to always ask for help when I have to fill a few sandbags to protect my home from water overflow. Thanks!"

"Your tool has greatly increased my efficiency and reduced my operating costs as I don't need to have two employees focused on a task that really should require only one."

"Unlike your "scoop-type" competitors, my EZ Fill Sandbag Filler was a fraction of the cost and I don't have to hunch over or get dirty climbing onto the pile to scoop."

The EZ Fill Sandbag Filler ready to be inserted into a bag:

Image description

The product stands 18" tall, made of sturdy tool quality, zinc-plated steel.

Image description

A filled sandbag in seconds!

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