About EZ Fill Industries


EZ Fill Industries was founded to solve one problem: how to quickly and efficiently fill sand and gravel bags with only one person needed...

We've made this problem a thing of the past!

Originally conceptualized in 1969 while watching crews inefficiently "hand bagging" to prepare for a storm. Through 5 years of research and development, we determined that the key is a sturdy frame that holds the sandbag upright and open for filling.

We thank you for your business!


Key Information

- We are headquartered in Reno, Nevada, but can ship anywhere within the United States.

- We manufacture the EZ Fill Sandbag Filler right here in the USA.

- We sell to consumers, governmental agencies, as well as resellers. Feel free to contact us below for large orders or to become a reseller.

- We value our customers and stand behind our product. We welcome your feedback and stories. 


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Feel free to contact us by e-mail using the form above or by phone, (775) 525-0333